Born on June 12th in Los Angeles, California, Klef Mikaydo knew at an early age that his passion was music. Throughout his early childhood, he was glued to the radio and recited his favorite artist’s rhymes such as “Snoop Dogg”, “2Pac”, “Usher”, “Tyrese” and “Dr. Dre”. By the age of 9, he started to fall in love with the idea of composing music and bringing his visions to life. In his middle school years, Klef Mikaydo entered the school band where he learned to play the tenor saxophone and trombone and became one of the standout students and this is where he started to elevate his talents to the next level. A friend introduced to him to the programs “Fruity Loops” and “Reason” and from there it was history! Producing music started out as his main focus but he also had a knack for writing rhymes and a hidden desire to sing. He previously went under the moniker G.Klef in which he produced for other artists full time and was a rapper often paired with his close confidant “Da Kid Dank” previously signed to professional skate boarder “Terry Kenneydy’s” Fly Society imprint. He decided his heart was no longer in rap music and underwent a dramatic artistic change. His stage name was changed to Klef Mikaydo and he now takes a more harmonic and melodic approach to his style of music which is a cross of Rhythm and Blues & Hip/Hop with a focus in international domination. He is fast approaching the top on the indie circuit as he writes and produces his own music under his independent record label "Elitestar Empire." Check out his latest releases on all media platforms including the smash club single that is sure to catch on fire “Last Night!”



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